Engineering Design Services

As experienced civil and structural engineers, the E H Tippets Company provides a wealth of expertise to your project. Our firm welcomes projects of all sizes and complexities, with the mission of assisting you in successful development.

Commercial Services

Commercial projects pose specific planning challenges since they often involve many regulatory and other agency requirements. These require designs with facts and figures to achieve approvals. We offer foundation design for sites with expansive and other critical soil conditions.

Look to us to provide those critical insights for your development, including site surveying and topographical data collection. We see ourselves as an intermediary between all teams working to bring your development to life, which is why we strive to facilitate clear and consistent communication.

  • Architectural, civil and structural engineering
  • Foundation designs for expansive and critical soil conditions
  • Property and site surveys
  • Drainage studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Construction observations

Civil Services

We distinguish ourselves from other civil engineers by offering a robust breadth of design abilities that include specialties like in horizontal pipeline borings beneath highways, railroads or projects that have other heavy load requirements. We also offer design services for deep trench excavation operations and slope stability studies. These projects often have extensive reviews from individual regulatory and committee agencies.

Our civil engineering services include grading and drainage studies that are designed to safeguard health, property and the general public through the control of storm flows and discharge. All designs are within the guidelines of the responsible agencies.

  • Horizontal boring designs and deep trench excavations
  • Slope stability studies
  • Stormwater management and drainage studies
  • Site surveys, topographical and grading studies
  • Site development plans

Residential Services

Our experience with residential developments extends to project-specific variables. Construction of residential projects requires special planning in bringing the visions to life. Our experience in residential projects includes structural design for snow, wind and seismic loading conditions. We do foundation and framing designs that are often more complex with custom residences. We‘re available for drainage and topographical plans and reports. Architectural design services are also available.

When your residential project is underway, look to us for utility coordination services and construction observation. We also welcome specialty projects like storm water management.

  • Architectural, structural design and coordination
  • Civil, drainage and topographical studies
  • On-site observations and evaluations
  • Value engineering
  • Residential framing and foundation design

We’re Your Engineers

To help ensure that your project is viable and has a clear path to success, consult with the E H Tippets Company. We provide the architectural, civil and structural engineering when proper oversight is required for your project. Call us today! 303-420-5020.